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Coaching authors to confidently narrate their own texts.


Improved Author Care

More Efficient Recordings

Better Audiobooks

Narration coaching specifically designed for authors

1.       Because you’re new to narration (even if you do public speaking, TV or radio)

2.       Because reading your own material should be more personal and direct than just narrating

3.       Because listeners want to hear your connection to the material, not just your voice

4.       Because you may want more support during recordings than a professional narrator would

We offer Audiobook Directing and two new services tailored just for author-narrators:

Training Video:

40-minute video, “Author at the Mic,” filled with practical advice on delivery, phrasing, preparation, and connecting to the material and the listener. Gives you a solid overview of what you can expect in the studio, what’s expected of YOU, and how to achieve it.  Helps you arrive at your first recording session informed, prepared, and comfortable.

One-on-One Coaching:

One-hour interaction with an experienced audiobook professional, by phone or Skype. It features a discussion about the author and the text, and a practice session with one or more excerpts from the book. Provides a real-time introduction to how the recording will work, plus an opportunity to address specific challenges and concerns.