Our Services for Author-Narrators

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Training Video

Your introduction to the art and craft of narration, tailored to the specific needs of authors. This streaming video covers all the basics of delivery, volume, pacing, phrasing, breathing and posture. You’ll get practical tips about eating, clothing, correcting mistakes, and other useful information to make you ready to record.

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One-on-One Coaching

Spend an hour with Gordon or Paul via phone or Skype for a discussion and practice session to help you prepare. We’ll consider how to connect to your material and your listener, and go over portions of your text to help you understand your specific needs.

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Audiobook Directing

Hire Gordon to direct either the first day or your entire studio session, and he’ll help you in real time to do your best recording. View testimonials from narrators he’s worked with, including best-selling authors, to learn what he’s done for them.