Helping Great Writers do Great Audiobook Reads

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How we can help authors, publishers and studios

Our prep is ideal for author recordings without a director!


Our video program presents the essentials of narration created specifically with authors in mind. We help authors find the “sweet spot” between monotone and roller coaster. We cover essentials of proper volume, phrasing, connecting to the heart and passion of the material, breathing for resonance and stamina, microphone technique, and much more. We explain the recording process, including how to prepare, and dress; what to expect in the studio, what to expect from colleagues, the inevitability of mistakes and exactly how they’re corrected.   


For maximum value, the online instruction is followed by a one-on-one coaching session. This can be conducted by Skype or phone, or by special arrangement in person in the New York City area. The session is a supportive engagement to provide practice with the author’s text, answer questions, and deal with specific issues.


Provided separately or in conjunction with coaching services, an experienced audiobook professional will direct the recording session, in person or by Skype, with special attention to the needs of author-narrators. 

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Praise for Gordon:

He and I worked on the audiobook version of  From You to Two, where I read the entire book and Gordon was very attentive, very professional, and it was a pleasure to work with him.  

—Dr. Ruth Westheimer, renowned sex therapist

Praise for Paul: 

You, my friend, are a walking jewel of love, joy, insight, talent and incredible leadership. You are such a gifted teacher and professional. You've made this learning process totally stress-free and fun.

—J.B. Wing