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The AuthorDirect Audio Story

Gordon Rothman, an audiobook director with a specialty in working with authors, realized something was missing. Authors often arrived at the studio with little preparation or practice. This often led to less-than-comfortable session and a less-than-ideal recording. He decided to create a service that got authors ready in advance, with a goal of happier authors and better audiobooks.

Gordon recruited veteran voice actor and narration trainer Paul Liberti to help create their training video, “Author at the Mic,” and to share the responsibilities of coaching author-narrators to do their best work.

The AuthorDirect Audio Team

Gordon Rothman


Gordon Color Portrait 2018 3.jpg

Gordon has spent his career creating nonfiction content, producing hundreds of stories and broadcasts for CBS News including taped reports for CBS Morning News and CBS This Morning. He was the producer and editor for the revival of the award-winning children's series In the News. Through CBS News Productions he served as Senior Producer for many nonfiction programs for CBS and major cable networks including Discovery, Science Channel, Discovery Health, A&E, and TLC. As executive director of Gatewave Radio, a nonprofit service for blind listeners, he coached dozens of amateurs to serve as volunteer narrators. The experience has honed his ability to help both professionals and amateurs tell their stories on mic.
Most recently he has directed audiobooks for Penguin Random House Audio and Brilliance Audio, specializing in nonfiction works read by their authors, including Our Towns by James and Deborah Fallows and From You to Two by Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Based in Brooklyn, NY, he is a member of the Audio Publishers Association.

Praise for Gordon...

Working with Gordon was fantastic. His professionalism and expertise enabled me to stay focused on the reading, not worrying about the quality of the final product. I trusted him and that made all the difference in the booth.

— Charlie Harary, Unlocking Greatness

His expertise and instruction was invaluable from the get-go. By chapter two we were already narrating at a much faster, smoother pace. Gordon undoubtedly gave us the insight we needed to make our voices sing, together.

Marc & Angel Chernoff,  Getting Back to Happy

He is skilled in the rather unusual art of audiobook speaking, an expert at rhythm and cadence and affable accessibility. An easygoing fellow and genuine pleasure to work with, Gordon gave me a lasting appreciation for the medium.

—Jeff Warren, co-author, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics

Paul Liberti

Actor/Vocal Coach

Paul Liberti 2018 Headshot.jpg

Paul has trained hundreds of audiobook narrators nationally for the SAG/AFTRA Foundation. He teaches annual voiceover classes for graduate programs at Oakland University, Western Michigan University, the University of Memphis, the University of South Dakota, the University of Oklahoma, and many others. As a narrator, he has read for Scholastic, Nickelodeon, Tavoli Entertainment, and the Audie Award–winning series Goosebumps by R.L Stine. Paul has also performed on Broadway and in national tours as well as film and TV, including The Daily Show, PBS, Nickelodeon, Showtime, and more. He currently teaches classes both in New York City and nationally in Commercial VO, Audiobook Narration, Video Game Character Work, Animation, and Accents for Actors. Based in Union City, NJ, Paul is a member of the Audio Publishers Association.

Praise for Paul...

Thanks so much! I think the tool box you are handing us will be so useful in approaching this kind of work with authenticity. I so appreciate your "open-heart policy." I teach an Acting I class...and I use the same open-heart, safe-zone kind of philosophy that allows people to not only step out of their self-prescribed comfort zones, but to sail off the edge of cliffs while learning to fly. Also, just because someone is a brilliant artist does not mean they can teach—but it is obvious by how you light up when someone else "gets it" that you are a true teacher. Thanks for sharing so generously.

—Sandy Taylor

You helped me find my voice much in the way a very good singing coach helps his student to find theirs. You gave me so much to work with—and it stuck. That's the sign of a good teacher—putting the knowledge out there and having the ability and energy to keep it fresh and interesting enough that it sticks with the student. I will treasure this experience as an audiobook narrator.

—Dan Pona